Our Services

“We partner with leaders bogged down by operational issues to create highly effective self-managing teams so that the leaders can focus on strategic intentions.”

We operate using our TERMS philosophy that

  • Humans are intelligent
  • Humans  are creative
  • Human want to do better.

All our services focus on the three levels of system

  • The Individual level of system – Self
  • The Team
  • The wider organisation


Hundreds of leaders have benefitted from our uniquely designed SELF program.  Our programs are based on Gestalt principles which focus first on raising the level of awareness of what’s currently happening then moving to a co-created solution.

Leaders have used our programs to hone their leadership ambitions and even more critically to execute on the organisation’s strategic intentions.

We also on board new leaders – recent hires, recent promotions – to support and assist them through the first year of their leadership journey. We support leaders throughout their leadership journey and are often described as the leader’s secret weapon.

Effective Teams

We have assisted teams to identify and mitigate the effects of the dysfunction that prevents them from achieving their stated objectives. We work with both individual team members and the whole team to assist them deliver on their stated objectives.

Our LEAP process focuses on creating highly effective self-managing teams, reducing conflict and power struggles while ensuring that the business processes the team uses can effectively deliver the team’s objectives.


We use our tried and tested ACTS process to take groups from where they are to where they want to be. As Certified Professional Facilitators we know how to make it easier for meeting participants to collaborate and make more informed decisions. We create effective agenda, offer non-judgemental safe spaces that invite creativity and intelligence and manage the entire process of decision making.  We limit the dysfunctional behaviour, group conflict, mitigate political resistance including power struggles and other elements that make group decision making difficult. We ensure that all members are seen and heard and guarantee commitments by participants to the decision made.


We deal with the wider organisation using our PASS system. We focus on development and implementation of strategy, alignment of processes, people and the structure to achieve the Mission and Vision of the organisation.


We offer provocative and insightful keynotes on Leadership. We invite the audience to suspend all that they know and believe about leadership as we embrace the reality of the VUCA world. (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex Ambiguous)

Each keynote offers fresh new perspectives through which the audience can reframe experiences, have new thoughts and ideas and engage in meaningful discussions. We ensure that they is always a takeaway for the  audience to readily implement.

We speak at Conferences, Seminars and corporate events.


We offer corporate hosting services from Master of Ceremonies, speech writing and assisting presenters get ready for the delivery of their speeches.



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