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“Maxine’s expert guidance and strong support for the members of the strategic team not only ensured senior management approval of the polan btut full buy-in by all staff. . The plan was carefully implemented with a strong monitoring system that ensured that we could identify and address issues at an early stage. Systems were put in palace to ensure active engagement by all staff which was necessary for the strategic plan to succeed.”

Guardian General

“Working with teams and corporate citizens it was far time to undertake a project wholly and solely designed for me. The,eight week format with its interactive and one on one format enables a relaxed ambiance for in-depth focus on key facets of life…its challenges and changes.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to enhance their life goals, chart her way forward and simply to breathe in the new techniques imparted by Maxine, for a quality of clarity that equates to opening a special gift.”

Catherine Dookie
PR Consultant

“It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your moving workshop. Your customized presentation to the group truly made the difference and made your message that more impactful. I was pleasantly surprised that you took the time to interact with each of us on a one to one basis, allowing our unique qualities to be explored.  Your inspirational words truly resonated with me and you have positively affected the lives of each of us. You truly are a remarkable role model and mentor.”

Jamie Manson CPCU, BBA, BSc
Manager – Insurance Administration NAGICO Insurances

“I reached out to Maxine during a period of career transition, because I needed guidance as I navigated the process. I found Maxine to be quite helpful. We discussed different things, and she made insightful observations and provided useful suggestions. What stood out for me however, were the questions she asked. One question in particular really led me to assess my current situation, and to make key decisions about the way forward. Reaching out to Maxine was a good decision for me, and I absolutely recommend working with he.”

Malaika Edwards Ph.D