Helping headers realign processes and people to the organisation's vision and core values


Organizational Healing  – Restoring the DNA of the Organization

This speech is for the leader who has decision making and/or strategic responsibility within the organization.  These leaders have a burning desire to effectively lead their teams and have a vested interest in seeing the company achieve its vision.

Attong believes that processes are the DNA of the organization, they tell the story of our organizations and therefore need to be honed to create the desired future.  She is equally convinced that leaders have a role in creating environments that lead employees to contribute to the organization’s desired future. In her keynote, Maxine offers original and provocative ideas that empower leaders to self-reflect, to take a fresh look at staff and the organization and to begin to wonder “How can we?”.

Maxine’s message connects with audiences as she creates a cocoon for ideas to be hatched. She asks leaders to start from where they are, to use their innate creativity and intelligence to bring about the changes they want to see in their organizations.

Leaders walk away with answers to questions that ultimately challenge the status quo and lead them to try new things  Leaders will learn how (to):

  1. Leadership commitment influences people and processes
  2. Engage employees to influence the processes
  3. Align processes and people to support the company’s vision.
  4. Create environments that allow employees to contribute to achievement of vision.

Maxine delivers a speech that shows her passion for people.  She is brutally honest in sharing her actual leadership experiences, and equally candid about her successes and failures.  Maxine speaks both from her head and heart which allows her to connect to a diverse range of audiences, and engage with them at different levels of thoughts and emotions.  Her speeches use the tension between action and reflection, between self-interest and the development of others and between maintaining the status quo and making changes, to offer different perspectives and food for thought.  Maxine’s tone is both quiet and energetic as she delivers her thoughts and shares what she is most passionate about.  Maxine wants most of all to engage with her audience and to hear what they think or themselves want to offer from her sharing.

Maxine loves working with leaders.  She enjoys seeing the personal shifts as leaders realign their people and processes to the vision and core values of the organization to create the realities that they desire.

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