Helping leaders realign processes and people to vision and core values

Workshops are designed to increase leadership ability to problem solve and build more effective and engaged work teams.  The emphasis is on knowledge transfer and capacity building as Maxine shares her thoughts and theories that are documented in her books – Change or Die and Lead Your Team to Win,

Maxine invites leaders to tap into their actual experiences to assimilate the workshop data.  Workshops focus on

  • Safety – providing the environment for risk taking and challenging the status quo.
  • Engagement – making sure all are seen and heard 
  • Participation by all attendees
We offer two workshops that will allow leaders to  unleash the creativity and to harness the collective intelligence of their teams.
  1. Change or Die – Improve processes to achieve strategy
  2. Lead Your Team to Win – Engage team members to create more effective teams

Lead Your Team To Win – Engage Team Members to Create More Effective Teams

This is for the team leader who wants to effectively lead his/ her team. This leader is a strategic thinker who wants to reap the benefits of harnessing the intelligence and creativity of team members to achieve goals and objectives. This leader knows that his/her role is strategic and team members are the ones who operationalise strategy.

Leaders are responsible for achieving the company’s strategic intentions and cannot be bogged down by the minutiae of operational tasks. For leaders to be effective they need to empower team members to make decisions and act accordingly.

Since decision making always has an element of risk, the leadership challenge can be restated as, “How do I encourage team members to take risks?’

For most of us, risk taking is closely associated with failure. For team members the responsibility for making decisions weighs heavily, especially in an organisation that is not perceived to be supportive of failure. This presents another challenger for the leader, “How do I support team members to fail?”

The workshop offers leaders new insight into this conundrum and offers proven solutions. The workshop is based on Attong’s book – Lead Your Team to Win – and shares the strategies and tools that worked for her (as a team leader), to convert dysfunctional teams into highly effective ones.

Leaders will walk away from this workshop knowing how to:

  1. Be a more strategic leader
  2. Build trust within teams
  3. Empower employees to deal with operational issues
  4. Increase employee engagement
  5. Encourage employees to make decisions that is, take risks
  6. Turn failures into learning opportunities

Maxine leads this workshop from her heart – she is passionate about people, which in organisations translates to employee empowerment and engagement. She both empathetic and demanding, since she has lived the leadership dilemma and has experienced ( from her executive coaching practice) that any leaders can effectively lead his/her team to success if (s)he has the desire to do so.

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Change or Die – Improve processes to achieve strategy

This is for the team leader or project manager who beleives that processes are important to the implementation of strategy. This leader is interested in having an efficient process so that the organisation can achieve its strategic objectives in a manner that will maximise the returns on investment.

Processes are the lifeblood of the organisation. They operationalise  strategy both in the short and long term, yet many organisations have not reviewed existing processes as they adopt and implement new strategies. This workshop is designed for leaders who want fit for function processes that will ensure strategy is sustained on a long term basis.

This workshop is practical, hands-on and highly participative. It shares the What, the How and the Why of business process improvement. Maxine walks the audience through her uniquely designed ENGAGE methodology which evolved from the actual client experiences and is documented in her book – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual.

The workshop provides the setting for leaders to take a long range view of their workplace as they as are invited to examine their own organisations to make the learning relevant and to heighten the relevance of the skills transferred. As a result, leaders walk away with immediate and applicable ideas of how to solve existing problems and are equipped with the relevant tools to do so.

At the end of these workshops, leaders will learn to:

  1. Identify core processes in the organisation
  2. Examine the strategic relevance of processes
  3. Evaluate the processes – value added vs noon value added activities
  4. Align processes to strategy
  5. Improve processes

Over the last two decades, Maxine has worked with teams to demystify processes and has a track record for success. She brings all of her experiences to these workshops.  She works with the pace of the room, balancing her natural enthusiasm for process improvement with space for leaders to think, reflect and review the information as it relates to their organisations.

Maxine’s belief in process improvement is contagious, she generously shares with her audience and holds nothing back. This is not a talk shop, there is an equal measure for questions and answers, sharing of experiences by participants, challenging of the status quo and most of all learning and unlearning of our assumptions about what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

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