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“Lead Your Team To Win”

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Join me and five expert panelists as we discuss my new book
October 3rd, 2014 at noon Eastern


Meet the panelists

Connie Kadansky is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice.  She is a recognized expert in identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance.  Connie has a proven track record in diverse industries.

Connie has coached 1800+ private clients and over 5000 clients in groups. Because of her expertise, Connie earned a solo article in the Wall Street Journal.  Thanks to a cold call she was paid to do a radio commercial for American Express.  She was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and Bloomberg Business.

VIDEO: Connie helps salespeople get their “ask” in gear.

Leah de Souza brings a decade of performance improvement experience to every client solution. Her company, Trainmar, helps organizations increase productivity, profitability and positivity through changes in their people and processes. Her focus is the result; the journey to success varies from project to project. Training, competency profiling and coaching are some of the solutions that are used.

Guided by her values and her down-to-earth style, each project is results-driven, people-focused yet balanced with fun. But she doesn’t work alone – Her team consists of passionate experts who work around the globe. When she is not working with her clients or collaborating with her colleagues on a project, she enjoys speaking at conferences, writing articles about performance and running around the Savannah.

Dr. Steve Broe is an executive coach who focuses on personal performance and transformational leadership for mid-career leaders in business and education. He grounds his work on the personal values of freedom, integrity, and creative expression. Well-known as a speaker and a mentor to leaders in Arizona, Steve gives his time frequently to nonprofit organizations.

Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. He served as the senior level manager for a multi-state organization with over 120 employees. He has three times received a Toastmasters International Leadership Excellence award. Since 2001, Steve has taught management courses for the University of Phoenix Online for the undergraduate and graduate levels.

VIDEO: The Power of Positivity – Success Conversations with Dr. Steve Broe

Marguerite Orane combines her unique perspective – Harvard MBA, family business upbringing and spiritual author in thought-provoking, life changing keynotes, presentations and workshops.

With over 20 years in strategy consulting and general management, Marguerite’s passion is helping leaders and their teams joyfully bring strategy to life to achieve their desired results.   She is committed to spreading her message of Joy at Work, emboldening people to step up and claim their bliss at the place in which they spend most of their moments.

Marguerite is a Certified Professional Facilitator, a certified Transformational Coach, a Laughter Yoga Leader and a Toastmaster.

VIDEO: Michael H. Ballard interviews Marguerite Orane Author, Consultant, expert on #Joy

Michael Randel is the founder of Randel Consulting Associates, a management consulting firm that leads organizations through change and growth. Michael is an experienced consultant who has worked in more than thirty countries.

Michael is focused on bringing people together to address the complex problems they face, and to achieve results together.

The quality and influence of his work has been recognized by two recent global awards – he was presented with the Facilitation Impact Award by the International Association of Facilitators and Trust Across America identified him as a “Global Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business”.