Helping leaders realign processes and people to the company's vision and core values


We are Organizational Development practitioners who work with companies, leaders and teams.

Are you or others in your organization facing any of these issues?
  • Conflict between functional departments 
  • Culture does not support the vision
  • Diminishing return on investments
  • Discontented, or disengaged or demotivated or grumbling staff
  • Little commitment to decisions
  • Processes are unwieldy and no longer effective or efficient
  • Projects have been mismanaged 
  • Teams that are dysfunctional
  • Strategy has not been effected
These and other issues stymie productivity in an organization and often get in the way of the work being done.   Maxine has helped companies overcome these challenges by empowering leaders and their teams to create sustainable solutions that they can commit to over the long term. Organizations that work with Maxine will access her wide range of technical skills and experience that are firmly rooted in the business context.
Here’s exactly what you can look forward to when working with Maxine:
  • A non-judgmental ear and a sounding board for your ideas 
  • An objective third party who provides the safety for risk taking
  • Harnessing of your team’s intelligence to create sustainable solutions
  • Knowledge transfer and effective tools to build organizational capacity to treat with future issues.
  • Implement strategy and other projects while managing the change inherent to implementation
  • The experience and technical skills to fix problems.  
Attong takes a long term view of the organization as she works with leaders and team members to solve problems, trouble shoot, unearth core problems and to find creative solutions to problems.
Maxine is passionate about the work that she does, since it directly impacts what people do on a daily basis and how they do it.  The work also allows her to live her personal vision of “enhancing the lives of the people with whom she makes contact”.

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Executive Coaching

We work with leaders to increase their effectiveness while restoring alignment to the company’s vision and core values. The focus is on elevating awareness of the current reality, supporting leaders to take risks and to create effective and winning teams.

Coaching sessions provide safe and confidential spaces for leaders. In these safe spaces, leaders find solutions to their most pressing anxieties as they explore and solve challenges.

Through coaching, leaders are reminded of their innate  intelligence and creativity, they re-encounter their passion and joy and become grounded in the awareness of their purpose. As leaders reawaken to their purpose they will effectively lead teams and make powerful decisions to overcome problems and reach desired results.

Maxine is willing to collaborate with you and support you to get to your personal “Ah Ha” moment.

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