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We are all perfectly imperfect, created with unique flaws that comprise our complete character.  We are aware of our flaws, our parents, teachers, siblings, friends and others have pointed out these flaws sometimes warning us of how detrimental they can be for our future success.

We don’t hate our flaws; we accept responsibility for controlling them as well as for the times that they are on full display.  It is the juxtaposition of our flaws to our more sterling qualities that make us interesting and unique.

As we gained more life experience, we know that our flaws are always waiting in the shadows. Some of us choose to consciously ignore them and let them show up as and when they wish, while others learned when to tap into these flaws for impact. Some of us accept that the flaws are always waiting in the shadows for the moments when we relax our vigilance.

When we step into a leadership position, we carry all of whom we are, including our flaws. They do not magically disappear because of a leadership role, or an organisational title or a decision we have made to be a leader.

The difference is that now our quirks are no longer in the personal realm, they are now part of our public persona. These flaws are now under scrutiny and need to match up the unspoken expectations of how a leader should be and behave. There is a silent preference that we control them, better yet hide them or pretend that they do not exist.

Our jokes, our cutting wit, our impulsive nature, our quick temper, our bad habits, our questionable judgement, our less than perfect ways of being are no longer deemed acceptable, overnight they have become detrimental characteristics that will make us ineffective leaders.


How then are we to lead? Are we change ourselves overnight to be effective leaders?

On April 04, 2019 Judith Gail Gestalt OD Consultant (U.S.) and Kerrigan Roach- HR Professional (Barbados), will join me in discussing the paradoxical nature of leadership.  We invite you to come and share your experiences with us as we discuss strategies and tools to assist leaders to cope.    Check for more details, or register at

call  868.343.2160



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