Leadership 2019 Seminar. Lead Your Team To Win : The Paradox of Leadership

Senior Managers, Leaders C-Suite Executives

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Paradox: ‘A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true’ (Cambridge Dictionary).

The 3rd edition of our Lead Your Team to Win Leadership series, themed The Paradox of Leadership, will be held at the Guardian Atrium, #1 Guardian Drive, Westmoorings on April 04, 2019 from 8.00 a.m. to noon.

We invite Leaders, Executives and Managers to come and explore the paradoxical nature of leadership.

Leaders are often confronted with paradoxical situations and have to ask themselves how to cope with these. At times the very way that we need to be is contradictory to how we should be. There are no simple answers to these complex situations and leaders must learn to recognize and hold the tensions that these create. Some of these are:

  • Keeping an eye on vision, while executing daily tasks
  • Making decisions collaboratively and maintaining the autonomy for the team
  • Being sure of oneself and one’s course of action but remaining humble and open to feedback

The cast of international and regional presenters will share research, theories and practical tools to deal with this complexity.

The audience will be invited to share experiences, get involved in activities (not games), ask questions and engage in thought provoking discussions..

Why should you attend?

  • Learn how to identify paradoxical situations
  • Identify strategies for dealing with these
  • Walk away with tools that can be used to examine paradox
  • Ask questions of experts
  • Have access to post seminar support for your leadership journey on our Lead Your Team to Win Leadership zoom meetings

Over 75 leaders from T&TEC, NGC, PCS Nitrogen/ Nutrien, TSTT, Guardian Group, CPI, CARENG Group, PMSL, JMMB, Lloyds Register, Ministry of Legal Affairs, RMS, Sunny Group, Intercontinental Shipping Limited,Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East, attended the 2017 and 2018 Leadership seminars.

Attendees have enjoyed the speakers’ depth of knowledge, the intimate setting, being able to ask questions and sharing of their personal leadership journey and experiences.

This year we offer seminar attendees special gifts.  Some of these are:

  • Copies of Lead Your team To Win at reduced prices.  Available at Nigel R Khan and Amazon
  • Limited number of Discount Registrations for next year’s  2020 Leadership Seminar
  • Access to coaching programs at discounted prices
  • Access to training programs at discount prices

We look forward to engaging with you.

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Maxine Attong chats with Fazeer Mohammed on TV6 


Maxine Attong partners with leaders who long to be more operational and less strategic to execute vision daily.

She leverages her 20+ years of organisational excellence to serve her clients.

She provides Executive Coaching and is often referred to as the leader’s ‘secret weapon’.  She helps companies to develop and execute strategy, helps teams to norm and to become more effective and efficient.  Maxine is an expert at process improvement and uses her uniquely designed ENGAGE methodology. She offers thought provoking keynotes at Seminars  and conferences.
Maxine has worked regionally, spoken at international conferences and been a part of  OD teams in Portugal, South Africa and Budapest.

Judith Gail is an international client-centered consultant with over 20 years’ experience in organization development and change management rooted in the applied behavioral sciences. She has vast experience working with methodologies that target sustainable change based on measurable results from conception to completion.

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As a Gestalt Organization Development practitioner Judith facilitates organizations through small and large-scale change initiatives, e.g., strategic planning, leadership development, team dynamics, and an organization’s inclusion journey.

Judith’s clients cover a broad range of industries, including but not limited to; academia, healthcare, Fortune 500 companies, and major not-for-profit organizations. Additionally, Judith has consulted globally to multi-national organizations in Amsterdam, Budapest, Milan, South Africa, Singapore, and Portugal.

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Kerrigan Roach is a seasoned Human Resource professional with almost thirty years of experience at the regional level under his belt. He has worked within a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, software development, petrochemical, tourism, sport & event management, retail and insurance.

Kerrigan has a reputation of being an effective “hands on” leader with technical knowledge in all functional areas of Human Resources. He excels at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions in collaboration with all stakeholders. He is well‐versed in all phases of recruitment and hiring, including defining job roles, assessing needed skills and qualifications, and evaluating candidates.

He is currently the Managing Director of the Business and Employment Centre a HR consulting firm located in Barbados.

These three speakers will explore with the audience the paradox of leadership.

The participants are also invited to share their experiences, to ask questions and to join the presenters in framing the workshop.


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