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Attong wrote this book, “Lead Your Team to Win: Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees, to share with others the alternate leadership style that she developed. After many years of leading and observing others lead teams, she  concluded that employees achieve great results when they feel safe enough to take risks.

As a result, she co-created a “safe space” in collaboration with team members to mitigate the fear of failure and take the risks that lead to rewards. On implementation of safe spaces, Attong shares that she have seen employees who were “losers” emerge as experts, the un-promotable being promoted, and people whose personal goals conflicted with those of the organization move on to greener (different) pastures.  She is excited to share her experiences with other leaders.

Have you, as head of your team, felt frustrated when team members seem distracted and unable to work because of personal issues?

Have you, as a team member, wanted a second opinion for your big idea, but were afraid of being laughed or—worse—having your idea stolen?

Have you been in a work situation where you felt trust was broken, and you were left with few options for repairing it?

While these issues stymie productivity and strain relationships in offices around the globe, professional business coach Maxine Attong offers a radical but proven solution: the office “safe space.” Enter this space, where trust is paramount, and find your way forward, free from the worries of being judged, ridiculed, shamed, or stolen from. A safe space offers: An empathetic leader willing to listen as you share what’s preventing you from focusing on the day’s task; a fellow team member willing to help you hammer out an idea you have for streamlining an office procedure; a team leader willing to listen to your frustrations over a co-worker, yet remaining neutral and sworn to secrecy.

Attong developed this “safe space” concept through more than twenty years of work with organizations in the gas and oil, financial, manufacturing, and service industries. When team members feel safe, Attong believes, they will take risks, make decisions, and put forth their best efforts despite what is happening in their personal lives. A team with all members able to perform at their peak will be a winning team—one that achieves excellence and propels its members forward to even greater victories. This book, “Lead Your Team to Win: Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees,” will show you the way.

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Safe Space Seminars explain the what, why, and how of the workplace safe space so teams can determine if such an arrangement will suit them. The benefits and the potential pitfalls of the idea are highlighted for the teams. This is an interactive session that examines the way the team itself interacts, and whether the safe space model would work as intended. If the facilitator determines the team would benefit and can properly implement the safe space, she will provide instructions on how to set up and operate the space at peak performance—for maximum benefit.

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We help teams develop an environment that will lead to high achievement, for both the team as a whole and the individuals who comprise the team. Teams learn how to develop an atmosphere that promotes the kind of risk taking that reaps great rewards. Under our guidance teams see failure as a stepping-stone to success and learn to rebound with a renewed sense of purpose.These workshops promote a feeling of safety and encourage open and honest communication, so people can speak their minds and ask powerful questions that will raise awareness among the entire group.Teams that adopt the safe space concept will find they emerge as a more cohesive unit with a shared sense of purpose and a greater desire to succeed.

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We coach leaders, managers, supervisors, and others to transform their work groups into high-performing teams. We focus on the leader and ensure that he/she has the skill sets necessary to take charge of the team and guide the members to success. Leaders will learn, among other things, how to:

  • Share the responsibility for success with the team
  • Give honest feedback
  • Generate trust in the team
  • Set boundaries for the team
  • Rally the team around a shared purpose

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