“Change or Die: The Business Process Improvement Manual offers teams a proven methodology for revamping Processes at the business place. The book documents Maxine Attong’s actual client experiences and shares her uniquely designed ENGAGE methodology for the improvement of processes. The book shares that:

  • Process improvements must be internally driven by a dedicated Team. All decisions must be geared toward the best practical solutions for the people who have to live with the process and are accountable for the results.
  • Process Improvements must be aligned to the organization’s Vision. The Project must be tied to a loftier purpose to ensure that decisions made propel the organization forward.
  • Process Improvement is considered a Project and therefore the project should follow the principles of project management.

“Change or Die: The Business Improvement Manual” is a step-by-step HOW TO manual for teams of people who want to simplify complex problems. The book offers a radical, collaborative approach to refreshing the organization’s work processes in a manner that ensures the organization will maintain ownership of the decisions around process improvement, from planning the project through analysis of processes and into design and implementation of new processes.

The book suggests that leadership commitment, people empowerment, and employee engagement and buy-in will make the difference in whether the Business Process Improvement succeeds or fails. The book suggests that expensive consultants may not be necessary and that your internal team has the creativity and intelligence to get the job done. From strategy to tactics to execution, “Change or Die” will give you and your people clear instructions about HOW TO improve complex business processes.

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Regardless of whether you are new to Business Process Improvement (BPI) or are experienced in the field, we offer programs tailored to your needs. These programs last 1 to 3 days, depending on your team’s needs, and help you improve the processes within your organization, teaching skills in a methodical, easy-to-follow fashion.If you’re new to BPI, then ENGAGE BPI methodology will introduce you to the principles of process improvement. If you’re experienced, ENGAGE BPI will reinforce what you know, introduce you to this particular methodology, reinforce your management skills for projects of this kind, and provide an opportunity to discuss and strategize on challenges you face by providing “Spring Training.” (Even the pros revisit fundamentals periodically!)The ENGAGE BPI methodology is designed to:

  • Enhance your company’s image for flexibility and efficiency
  • Enhance your service offerings to clients
  • Reduce costs by maximizing efficiency and economy
  • Increase the bottom line by increasing throughput
  • Offer professional career development
  • Provide you and your colleagues with a proven methodology for improving processes
  • Increase the bottom line for your company

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Your people have all the creativity and intelligence required to improve the processes and implement the solutions they’ve developed. They may need help to:

  • Plan the Business Improvement project
  • Make the critical decisions needed to improve the Business Process
  • A neutral sounding-board about ideas they have during the project
  • To check in with an expert

We support teams involved in the conduct of BPI, from the planning of the project straight through implementation of the new processes.  We help teams define and clarify what the stakeholders want from the process, why they want it, and how the process will deliver for each stakeholder. We make it easy for teams to make optimal decisions about:

  • WHAT is the next step in the Project
  • WHAT to do in the process
  • HOW the process should work
  • WHY the decisions were made

The sessions focus both on transferring skills and ensuring optimal decisions are made.
Some of the workshops focus on:

  • Process Selection for BPI
  • Identifying the Non-Value-Added Activities
  • Process Redesign
  • Flow-Charting the Process
  • Lessons Learned
  • Project Management

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The Project Managers for the Business Process Improvement Project will have a lot on their hands. Even experts at Project Management will have to carefully manage the various stakeholders and work through the pockets of resistance characteristic of this type of work. We offer coaching to project leaders allowing them to maintain the overview of the project and keep focused on the objectives. We encourage leaders to express their anxieties around the project, and to plan the next steps while they refocus on how to keep the group engaged.

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