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Maxine Attong profile

Maxine Attong is passionate about people.  This is embodied in her Personal Vision “to enhance the lives of the people with whom she makes contact”

For the past two decades she has lived her vision by leading small and large workplace teams —in organizations and in her private consultancy.  She has helped organizations come to consensus; assisted leaders overcome the perils of ineffective leadership, supported team building efforts, redesigned processes to suit changing environments, and managed the internal chaos inherent to strategy implementation.

Attong has had an exciting career working extensively in the gas and oil industry – from exploration to downstream – and the insurance sector – both carriers and brokers.  This has allowed her a rare ability to see both sides of these industries and understand the needs of the various stakeholders.

Attong has worked in senior positions with international companies such as Aon and BG (British Gas), and  has held strategic responsibilities as a Director, been a valued member of Executive Teams, and performed decision making roles of Chief Operating Officer, Vice President – Strategy and Lead Finance Professional.

Since 2000 Attong has operated her private consultancy which allowed her to expand her client base to include trade unions, credit unions, NGO’s, retail and service operations including hotels. Over the last five years she has expanded her international presence  to South Africa and Europe.

Attong is a Gestalt Organizational Development practitioner, a Certified Evidence-Based Coach, a Certified Professional Facilitator, and a Certified Professional Accountant.

Her work has been featured in TD Magazine, AMA playbook, Huffington Post and a host of other magazines.

She is the author of Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead Your Team To Win.  (Lead Your Team to Win has been voted by Business Forum as “one of the three must read books for leaders/ entrepreneurs.”)

Organizations rely on Maxine to solve problems, to work with leaders and teams, to design processes that are fit for purpose and to offer thought provoking keynotes.

When Maxine is not supporting leaders she plays scrabble, writes, travels and spends long evenings with her family and friends.

Maxine is excited to engage with you.

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I am an HR Manager. Quite recently I started feeling so hopeless and wanted to quit, until I starting reading your book Lead your Team to Win. .thank you for providing that added insight that university never equipped me with..I am in a much better place now..thank you
HR Manager -  Caribbean Conglomerate
I was torn…and it took my coach Maxine Attong our first session to discover that. From a career standpoint, in my mind there were two directions I wanted to pursue. After explaining these options to Maxine who listened very attentively…she offered a third option, “Why choose…why not do both?” These words made something snap in my mind and my career path have not been clearer. Thanks Maxine, for being a coach that really listens not only to my words but my heart… Joel Millington
Founder & Host -  Caribbean Mentors Podcast
My coaching sessions with Maxine really helped me think through the challenges I was facing and equipped me to take the measures to bring about the changes I wanted to to see in my life. What I particularly liked about her coaching style in Maxine’s mix of firmness, patience empathy and professionalism. I highly recommend her as a personal coach
Director -  Self Employed
Thanks again for your help. I still use the tools we walked though to help me make decisions. I think that my parenting benefited the most from your work with me and for that I feel very blessed
 -  Mother,
Maxine commands the respect of a world-class facilitator. She is clear-thinking, making her an exceptional, modern leader. Her facilitation skills and demeanor are predicated on strong, active listening. She understands the importance of structure and the risk-reward of various methodologies. As a person, Maxine is also disciplined, articulate, and diligent. One would be very challenged to find a more effective, facilitator and facilitative leader than Maxine.
Terrence Metz MG RUsh -  MG Rush
Maxine Attong is an exceptional facilitator, her negotiation skills are extraordinary and her ability to get her clients back on task is a skill that serves both her and her clients well as it enables her to complete projects in and before the allotted time-frame
Manager -  LTTW
When I have a puzzling dynamic and need some design creativity for a training program, I ask Maxine for help. She is a certified facilitator and understands the processes and dynamics of facilitation and how people respond or react to certain exercises. Maxine is bright, an excellent problem solver and a creative trouble shooter.
Owner - Exceptional Sales -  Exceptional Sales
Maxine also excels as a public speaker. She brought energy and value to our chapter meeting with her wit and direct style. She's instantly approachable, yet authoritative; I highly recommend Maxine's work and encourage you to experience it for yourself.
Facilities Manager -  TTFMA
I had the opportunity to work with Maxine through a women's program that I was in. At first I was very skeptical about working with a life coach because I'm not very open but Maxine made me feel so at ease that I was able to push the boundaries and confront things that I had never dealt with before. Up to this day I can still hear her voice in my head saying "don't be so hard on yourself", which is one of my biggest take aways from working with her.
Owner -  Lezara Consulting
Excellent! Love the thingification point. My teams' focus is often on the other two points and this one is also so relevant! I also love your closing on impact, So true my friend. Your impact is beautiful to witness. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope we can get to work together one of these days
One of the best speeches i've heard in a long time. You made the difference,you knew exactly what you were talking about, your confidence level was on point. As usual, you looked amazing, you had the whole package downpack as they say. My last employer is a Mechanical Engineer, and so are his two sisters, so I've seen them at work .Your speech told of what I've seen in them. You spoke from the head and the heart - that made a great impac.,
Maxine that was another inspiring speech. The deconstruct of an engineer was brilliant- having spent a number of years working among them. Your superman analogy was insightful. I am sure most of your listeners would have thought that you were speaking about them. Good job and I continue to be proud of your work
Maxine Attong I can honestly tell you, you were a huge hit. My daughter came home and told our younger daughter about the heart song and the power of speaking positively. Just today she gave me “thumbs down”.
 -  Bishops Anstey East High School Acievement Day
"She was very good and held their attention with a practical discussion about strengthening their own hearts song/sound"
 -  Bishops Anstey East Achievement Day
What a success! I must first congratulate you and then appreciate you for delivering the Feature Address on Leadership which was very well received by all our invitees, honourees, specially invited guests as well as our membership. I must admit that you very eloquently put forth the salient points on the topic which is very much necessary for active consideration by our membership, most of whom are technically driven and called to manage diverse teams. We recognise you as well versed in the field and we all must take further guidance for leading and implementing our various engineering projects, As the feature speaker at APETT's signature event, we propose to publish your script in our monthly newsletter, PEN, Thanks you once again for your time and for delivering the inspirational speech. Sincerely
President -  Association of Professional Engineers T&T
Ms Maxine Attong  gave her presentation focusing on voiced consciousness, HR's role in the organisation and the ethical and legal requirements.  The information presented captured the audience's attention and the content was very relevant to the session.  I thank Ms Attong for her transfer of knowledge and delivery.  I look forward to future presentations and material from her.
Member -  Human Resources Management Association T&T
I enjoyed  and learned a lot from this training.  The Facilitator did an excellent job in holding interest, staying on topic and responding to questions; she even made role playing bearable.  The biggest takeaway was the structuring of the conversation and getting prepared before, also the self reflecting and how my assumptions would have coloured my presentations and judgement and how they play a role in my interaction with others. I learned different techniques of how to deal with negative conversation,  how too engage persons when having a difficult conversation  and the need of being aware of the other person’s perspective.
Managers -  Having Difficullt Conversations
“In a casual yet effective manner, Ms. Attong captivated the minds and hearts of our young ladies with her powerful and thought-provoking words of inspiration and the focus on importance of self-love. It was a pleasure having her with us.”Bro
Acting Principal -  Bishop Anstey East High School
“ I must admit that it was one of the first times I attended a function like this and was not bored. Ms. Attong really made me think about life and the importance of my voice. I felt renewed, refreshed and ready to handle new challenges in my life after hearing her speak.”
Graduant -  Bishop Anstey East HIgh School

What Maxine believes

Attong’s Vision is “to enhance the lives of the people with whom I make contact.” Her Vision is bolstered by her personal beliefs that:

  • All humans are creative
  • All humans are intelligent
  • All humans want to do better

These beliefs underpin the organizational development work that she does within organizations and with leaders, as she works to release the creative potential of individuals and groups so the organization can move closer to Vision.

They also guide the way that she interacts with clients, and how she presents to audiences, groups and shows up at coaching sessions

Read Maxine’s blogs and see how her beliefs show up in her life

What Maxine offers

Attong’s services are aligned with her Vision and demonstrate her beliefs. She works to release the creative potential of individuals and groups so they can achieve the organisations goals and Vision.

Based on her beliefs Attong offers:

  • Provocative questions that force the re-examination of what we know and accept as true
  • A safe environment for risk-taking and the high achievements that follow
  • A challenge for leaders to increase effectiveness and lead their teams to win.

She uses coaching and facilitation to enhance organizations and the people who work within them.

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Why Maxine speaks

Attong speaks at seminars, workshops, conventions and conferences to throw an idea into the world and see what reverberates in return.  Her speeches offer original ideas, food-for-thought, and new lens through which existing issues can be viewed. She speaks so that she can engage an audience, invite them to create grand theories of their own, and—most of all— learn something new herself.

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Why Maxine writes

Attong writes to share her thoughts and experiences. She makes grand theories from the things she has seen and done, and shares these with others.  She writes to embolden otherst o examine their own experiences and  spur them to create and test ideas of their own.

She writes to encourage others to try something new and—she hopes—to ultimately succeed at what they do.

Check out Maxine’s books:

“Change or Die: The Business Process Improvement Manual”

“Lead Your Team to Win: Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees”