Welcome to our site. We have been helping leaders realign processes and people to the company’s vision and core values for the last two decades. 

If any of these statements resonate with you, or if  you are facing a similar situation, then welcome – you’re in the right place

  • We need a dynamic speaker
  • Our processes do not work
  • Our teams lack trust
  • Our strategy does not work
  • I’ve lost my mojo

Maxine Attong works with leaders to restore the DNA of their organisation. Whether it’s through her keynotes, or her books or her consulting work, Maxine’s message is consistent – Leaders must show commitment and collaborate with employees to  foster engagement,

Maxine empowers leaders to lead highly functional and effective teams with her three step approach

Step One – Align people and processes to the strategic objectives of the company

Step Two – Hone the skills and abilities of the leader so that she or he can effectively lead the team

Step Three – Collaborate with the team leader and team leader / manager and employees to create a highly effective team.

Maxine walks the talk as she has had over two decades of leadership experience as documented in her books.

Maxine offers a combination of organisational development and management consulting, process improvement, and team building services that will assist leaders to solve problems and move their organisations towards the achievement of  strategic vision.


I am an HR Manager. Quite recently I started feeling so hopeless and wanted to quit, until I starting reading your book Lead your Team to Win. .thank you for providing that added insight that university never equipped me with..I am in a much better place now..thank you
HR Manager -  Caribbean Conglomerate
I was torn…and it took my coach Maxine Attong our first session to discover that. From a career standpoint, in my mind there were two directions I wanted to pursue. After explaining these options to Maxine who listened very attentively…she offered a third option, “Why choose…why not do both?” These words made something snap in my mind and my career path have not been clearer. Thanks Maxine, for being a coach that really listens not only to my words but my heart…
Founder & Host -  Caribbean Mentors Podcast

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